The Futurica Trilogy

(The Unnoffical Audio Version)



Author: Alexander Bard

Author: Jan Söderqvist

Related Movements: Syntheism

The Futurica Trilogy – By Alexander Bard and Jan Söderqvist

(Audio Version Read Aloud by RW)

A Disclaimer and Explanation by RW

Halfway through the out-loud reading of The Futurica Trilogy, it occurred to me to ask myself why I was reading it? What was my agenda?

It also occurred to me that to publish these Futurica audios inside of any website or context that included any of my own (lesser) writing or (half-baked) ideas could appear to be remarkably self-serving. Additionally, as an informationalist with strong capitalist tendencies, I am probably already positioning myself as the classic useful idiot by publishing these at all – which although I have studied this material in depth – I scarcely understand it at all. Or to say, the depth and breadth of this great work will be settling in to my mind probably for the rest of my life. I have understood this material enough to know that it is incredibly rich and probably multiple decades ahead of its time. I predict it will be one of those great works that begins to get paramount recognition after its writers are gone.

Back to my agenda.

My intentions for this project started out as one thing and ended as completely other. I began to study this work in the winter of 2013. My understanding of philosophy was so weak during my initial reading of Volume 1: The Netocrats, that upon completion I trashed the audio and started again, mostly because the names of some philosophers and scientists needed to be re-pronounced. Additionally, the effects of fully understanding the insights and declarations made in Volume 1 compelled me to read it again because it was turning my personal ideology upside down and stretching my ability to think past my own economic nose.

In the beginning of reading this great work, I probably planned on using it as a badge of certification and/or knowledge and insight – perhaps to co-opt it for some subconscious totalistic intention and attention. Perhaps this is still the case, and I’m just kidding myself that I have changed.

But something happened to my mind halfway through the audio reading. I started to get glimpses of what was actually being said. The Futurica Trilogy stretched my mind and made many demands of my character. I have read it exactly as it appears in the paperback version purchased on Amazon with no subtractions or additions. What really happened to me through the process of reading this book is the subtle mutation of my own personal naïve negation and confused nihilism. I am not altogether certain what my character has mutated into yet. I will let you know as soon as I do. I can tell you that I have at least a foundation in the basics of philosophy as it combines with futurism. I thought I knew something about how to predict the future. But, there is no way with my poor background in philosophy, history, and meta-history that I could have proposed a well thought out accurate model that undermines the very thought system on which I am standing.

Strangely, I am very grateful for this process. Please note, I did ask John Soderquist and Alexander Bard if they had planned to create an audio version of this amazing book. This was during December 2014 when I made this request. At the time they were completing a new book called Syntheism, and it was simply not on their agenda. It is very likely that having this work be read by the authors would have far greater benefits to the listener because of all of the nuance and subtle energy that often comes from true original thinkers.

That being said, I make no apologies for my out loud therapy and hope you enjoy the amazing work as much as I enjoyed reading it. Please note that I have done my best to not butcher any names of the great philosophers from eras gone by. Additionally I did stop to look up words that was uncertain about, and did my very best to correctly pronounce the many neologisms necessarily contained within this great work.

Another Unexpected Side Effect

Another unexpected side effect of engaging the attempt and discipline to understand this work is the lack of desire to complete my own current projects, specifically a three year long project I was working on called Epimemetics. In many ways the (possibly misguided) intention of the Epimemetics project is fulfilled with the existence of The Futurica Trilogy and the subsequent book called Syntheism. My project was open-ended, and founded on the concept of memetic-Darwinism, but I have sort of lost the stomach for it after finishing The Futurica Trilogy. I suppose a sudden dispassion for further developing the concept of stackable Memes leading to Epimemes is that I’m coming to understand that the entire construct is a totalistic hierarchy that is quite possibly not radical enough. I might change my mind at some future date once I fully absorb the nuances of what is already said more rigorously in The Futurica Trilogy.

Could Be Removed at Request of Authors

To be clear, the authors have expressed no concern of digital copies of their book being spread far and wide. This is congruent with the message in their book. But I will remove this website and its audios upon request of the authors, especially if they create an approved audible version read by somebody smarter than me. In the meantime we will embed the book chapters under each audio, as the chapters are available and open to the public on Google books.

A Thanks

All of this being said, this has been a personal experiment, personal therapy, and in some ways the end of my personal intellectual analysis of culture, history and several possible futures for the human race. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, because many futures that I have imagined and several that I have not are discussed inside this great work. With that, a huge amount of personal time and energy has been saved making my future endeavors and projects more insightful and valuable.

To Be Clear:

  • These audios are not to be sold, but kept open in the same spirit of the book.
  • These audios are not officially endorsed by the authors, and should be considered unofficial audio readings of The Futurica Trilogy.
  • Reading it does not necessarily mean understanding it. I have done my best, but will be absorbing the concept for years.
  • I’m grateful to the authors for the immense amount of discipline that appears to have taken to analyze past present and future from 144 angles and 12 dimensions.
  • Where we go from here is up to us. I hope.
  • Om ; – )